Embodied Life Mentoring

The body plays a huge role in who we are. In the story of Creation in Genesis 1 we often forget that God called our created bodies GOOD! When we view the body as sinful, a barrier or incidental to our identity, personal development and vocation in life, we are missing out on the fullness of life. 

It's a paradox! Habits, blocks, patterns and challenges exist in our minds and our bodies and keep us stuck. Yet, understanding and wisdom for growth and personal development also resides in our bodies as well as our minds. Learning to listen and cultivate relationship with body and spirit within as well as mind is key to wholistic transformation.


Embodied practices lead to lasting change.  The embodied approach uses physical movement, yoga postures, breathing tools and Christian contemplative practices along with mindfulness and dialogue so that you can discover inner wisdom that lives within body and spirit but sometimes gets over-run by the mental activity of our minds. 

Online and in-person sessions are available.*** Life Mentoring works when YOU, the client, know what kind of change you want to make in your life and is best experienced through on-going regular sessions where trust and support can be built. 


During your first session we will dialogue about where you are in life, what's important to you and the kind of changes you want to make to your life. to name your intention, purpose and direction for your life.


Zoom link will be emailed to you1 day before your appointment.

Embodied Life Mentoring Sessions

$75 per hour.

New Client Special: Schedule 3 sessions, for the price of 2.


Scheduling multiple sessions is recommended. It takes time to establish trust with your body and to see changes.


Receive a 10% discount for buying multiple (on-going) sessions.


If you'd like to buy multiple sessions, we can discuss how many and how often at your first appointment.

Embodied Life Mentoring is perfect anyone:

  • Seeking deeper relationship connection with self, God and others.

  • Support through life transitions. 

  • Discovering direction and purpose.