Embodied Life Mentoring

Using the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy holistic approach, Katrina facilitates movement, breath, meditation, mindfulness practices and dialogue to create self discovery and facilitate meaningful change, towards a purposeful and efficacious life.

As a Life Mentor, my role is to facilitate a creative environment for you to wisely discern the right action to take towards meaning and purpose in your life. The embodied approach uses embodied and mindful practices so that you can discover inner wisdom of body and spirit that sometimes is over-run by the mental activity of our minds. 

Online and in-person sessions are available. Life Mentoring works when YOU, the client, know what kind of change you want to make in your life and is best experienced through on-going regular sessions where trust and support can be built. 


During your first session we will dialogue about where you are in life, what's important to you and the kind of changes you want to make to your life. to name your intention, purpose and direction for your life.

Embodied Life Mentoring is perfect anyone:

  • Seeking deeper relationship connection. You want clarity and deeper connection with God, others and yourself.

  • Discerning important life choices. You have a decision to make and not sure how to proceed.

  • Discovering direction.  You're in a rut in life, maybe at a crossroads but not sure what direction to go.

  • Longing for support .Perhaps your life is currently unmanageable, or you are going through a difficult circumstance and looking for support and wisdom to make life more manageable.

  • Searching for purpose. Maybe you are in a major life transition and looking to re-discover you passions and purpose.

  • Support through life transitions. You find yourself going through seasonal changes in life -- adulting, marriage, new job, parenting, empty-nesting, retirement.

  • Looking for guidance for personal development and growth. You want to improve your self-awareness, build your own identity and confidence, discover your strengths and talents.

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