EmbodiYoga integrates ancient yogic philosophy of Prana and asana with a somatic exploration of all the body systems along with embryonic origins and developmental movement patterns. 

Simply stated, through a guided one-on-one yoga session, you can discover deeper levels of body awareness and consciousness, awakening the "felt-sense" your physical body. Sessions help increase body awareness, nurture deeper connection and relationship with your own body leading to greater self-acceptance, movement and choice of how to live well in your body. 

Embodied Yoga Sessions: 

  • Cultivate compassion and self care.

  • Increase postural awareness and alignment.

  • Improve movement patterns, balance and coordination.

  • Increase flexibility, stability and strength.

  • Strengthen interoception, toning organs, increasing heart, lung and digestive awareness and health

  • Nourish joint health for those with arthritis as well as maintaining current joint health

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