Mid-day Yoga and Meditation on Zoom
Tuesdays, 12-1pm

This is a gentle Hatha yoga class starts with movement and postures and ends with spiritual reading and 15 minutes of silent meditation at the end to re-center, re-connect and re-energize for the rest of you day.

The theme for March classes and meditation is Pratyhara, the 4th limb of  Patanjali's  8-Limb Path to Liberation.  Pratyhara means "withdrawal of the senses".  It's strategically placed as the transitional limb from focusing on the physical and energetic practices of yoga to the inner aspects of contemplation and meditation practices of yoga. 

This month, while still teaching a live class on Zoom Platform, I will be leading an auditory class. I'm inviting you to turn off your video and listen to my cueing, giving you the opportunity to rest your eyes and cultivate listening, both to my cues AND to your inner experience during class. This experience is not focused on getting the poses right or following the right way, its about listening and learning to deepen trust in your own inner experience.

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