Due to Covid-19, all my group classes are online using the Zoom platform until further notice.

Group Yoga Classes

My Teaching Style

Yoga is about nourishing and uniting the mind, body and spirit. I teach postures, both Hatha and gentle flowing-style to ground you in your body and ease your spinning mind. Dropping into present-centered awareness, in your body, can help you re-connect with your truest-self in the here and now. 

I incorporate intention, pranayama, mindfulness and meditation in addition to postures and final relaxation to re-connect you with the Divine who dwells in us through Spirit.

I love teaching all levels but have a particular love of introducing people to yoga and helping people develop their own home-based practice. Since my classes are slower and restorative, while not required, I encourage students to have a yoga blanket, blocks and a strap.

Therapeutic Yoga Program

This 9-week program is a simple yet profound journey to living a happier life.

Imagine that you could be in a place where stress had less impact on your interactions with partners, loved ones, friends, and colleagues. You don't worry as much, and you were able to express yourself truthfully. Using movement, simple enquiry, and meditation, this program offers you the tools to make this happen.


Over 9 weeks you will learn how stress is impacting you as you become attuned to your whole system. You will be guided to deeper wisdom via your breath and body in a supported group environment. The community we create in our group offers us the opportunity to practice deep listening and to be heard speaking our truths.


The program is supported with a daily home practice guide and instructional recordings, and includes a 5-hour silent retreat. Commitment to attending all of the sessions is necessary. Limited class size.