Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is a holistic healing art that invites presence and awareness, using a yoga and contemporary body-mind psychology. During a session you are invited into a deeper awareness of yourself through guided movement, assisted yoga postures, breath and stillness.


PRYT is a client-centered modality based on Carl Roger's principle of Unconditional Positive Regard. My goal is to hold a sacred and compassionate space for you to make own discoveries through self inquiry and dialogue. Choice is also important part of the PYRT process, encouraging you share at any level you choose during the session.


Because Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is holistic, involving the body, mind and spirit, it is good for people:

  • struggling with chronic stress, depression or anxiety.

  • PTSD comes in many forms. PRYT is especially helpful for those desiring to reconnect with their bodies and move toward healing.

  • managing/healing from chronic pain and/or autoimmune disorders.

  • struggling with body-image and working towards body-positivity.

  • who are experiencing the affects of life-stress and want to explore how to make changes to find more freedom, joy and happiness.


Embodied movement with self inquiry provides the opportunity for greater self awareness and self acceptance which forms the foundation for change and transformation. Adding in empathetic listening and dialogue provides opportunities for acknowledgement, choice and action, empowering change and transformation.

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